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Dancing with Alexey Spotar


      Born in the Tatarstan Republic of Russia, Alexey (Alex) Spotar, began dancing at the age of six years old, alongside his talented sister, Eugenia Spotar. Alex was originally trained in Ballet, Russian Folklore, and International Ballroom. As a professional dancer, Alex has competed extensively across the United States as well as internationally. His focus includes: International Latin, International Standard (Ballroom), American Rhythm, and American Smooth. Also, he recently had the incredible opportunity to train in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dancing the beautiful Argentine Tango, and was instructed by the world renowned “Maestra” Graciela Gonzalez.  

      Alex is a highly experienced dance instructor, who caters to dancers of all levels (from Beginner to Advanced). His unique way of teaching helps his students to improve their current dancing skills, or better yet, teaches new students something they have never tried before. As a professional dancer, choreographer, and instructor, Alex teaches his students the "Art of Ballroom Dancing." He loves helping others achieve their creative and artistic goals through dance, while at the same time making it easy to learn, but most importantly, making the entire experience FUN!  


      Dancing is a great social activity! Studies have shown that socializing and dancing with friends can contribute to high self-esteem, increased self-confidence, and a more positive outlook, making for an overall greater sense of well-being. Also, the mental and physical health benefits of dancing have been proven to reduce stress and tension, decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen weight-bearing bones, increase one's flexibility and range of motion, while also bolstering moods and easing anxiety. Dancing is a fun activity that sharpens the mind and makes everyone smile!  


      So, what are you waiting for?  Bring your friends and come Ballroom and Latin Dance with Alex!


NOTE:  During this unprecedented time, in order to offer a socially fun, yet safe dancing environment, Alex will be wearing a mask.  Although optional, he encourages all students to do so when dancing with partners. 



- 28 years of dancing
- 18 years of teaching experience
- Expert in all international ballroom styles
- Expert in all American ballroom styles
- Professional level dance competitor
- Talented teacher
- Amazing dance host

Contact Alexey.

Alexey is available for:

- Private dance instruction

- Show dance performances

- Dance events hosting

- Formation team training (group class!)

- Quince dance shows

- Dance competitions


Student Showcase: 

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