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Photo Gallery

West Coast Swing Miami
Eugenia and Slava at Art Basel
Latin Fusion class for girls
Ballroom for kids
Children's performance team
The waltz
Vienniese Waltz performance
Eugenia and Jerry Paso Double
Slava and Eugenia
Tony and Eugenia
Swango Miami
Alexey and Ildi Tango
Eugenia and Jerry
Dance group class for adults
Christmas Showcase
Alexey and Eugenia

Halloween 2016

Halloween party 2016
Unusual tripple
Rodrigue and Eugenia

Ballroom dance Competition

Wedding Dance Choreography
Eugenia and Slava
Swing with Eugenia "Blue Suit"
Rodrigue and Eugenia
Ready to Shine!
Professional formation team

Diamonds girl's best friends!

Father-Daughter Dance Ball was invited to teach a dance lesson to Fathers and their little princesses at Key Biscayne Community Center.

Dance Party for Guests

This party was on fire as all guests were included into the final surprise dance with the professional dancers.

Eugenia Spotar
50's performance
Moulin Rouge Show
business card
Arabian Nights Show 2013
Dance Shoes
Eugenia and Rodrigue

Empire Dance Championship!

Student formation
Group classes in Miami
Girls' latin fusion class Miami
Eugenia and Volvic
Dancing at your event
Group dance class Miami
Party couple
Country Western Extravaganza
Key Biscayne group class

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Eugenia and Rodrigue

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