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Private Lessons for Everyone

So You Want to Dance?


So you just want to learn to dance.  There are so many ways and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. offers a wide variety of group classes as well as private lessons.  You will never be intimidated by the cost or instructor.


Private Lessons


Private lessons cost the same whether for singles or couples.  You receive personalized attention for 45 minutes as you work toward achieving your goals.  You may purchase your lessons on a one by one basis or as a package. The price varies depending on location and how many people will participate in a lesson.  Price depends on location*


Here are few photos from dance showcases in Miami, where amateur dance students get to perform in front of their friends and family different ballroom dance styles that they have learned with their dance instructor. Some people do it for fun, some because they have a drive for performance.


Ballroom Dancing is Art and it has many Dance Benefits!

Eugenia and Jerry performing Salsa - Charlston Dance
Pro-Amature Showcase performance Argentine tango
Dancing the swing "Blue suit",
Eugenia and Jerry dancing the Paso Double
Most beautiful and elegant ballroom dance: Slow Foxtrot
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