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wedding dance lessons in Miami with Eugenia Spotar
Wedding Dance
Eugenia Spotar

Let's Make Your Wedding Unforgettable!


We all dream of having a wedding full of joy, love, and happiness. The dance in your wedding should be one that represents each others' love, wishes, and uniting feelings for one another. 

We have had the pleasure of helping many couples in Miami plan their wedding dance in several styles including classic and elaborate waltzes. Also, we've seen young couples who wished to do their first wedding dance to the rhythm of modern beats such as hip-hop and R'n'B!  Our expertise in dance instruction include all ballroom dance styles as well as modern and Latin rhythms.

Your wedding dance can be planned so that the music is cut and arranged to have a uniquely customized effect. The dance specialists at Myballroomlessons can help you make your wedding dance specifically original. They will show you the dance steps that have been specifically designed to fit both your dance skill, as well as, the theme of your wedding. 

Planning ahead is a wise move when it comes to designing your wedding dance.  A perfect wedding dance needs careful attention to detail and fine tuning that only a professional dance instructor, like the ones at Myballroomlessons, can provide.

You do not need to be a dance expert to have an amazing wedding dance. This is a task that a professional dance instructor, such as the ones from Myballroomlessons, can help you achieve with time and patience. 

 Take time to plan your wedding and feel free to contact us to help you design an unforgettable wedding dance. 

We, at Myballroomlessons pride ourselves in helping many couples in creating the most wonderful, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, eye-watering wedding dance. That will make your wedding dance an unforgettable moment that everyone will remember.

"How many dance lessons will we need?" is one of the most frequently asked questions.

It has been my experience that the number of lessons varies from couple to couple. I have had couples learn their dance in two lessons, and I have had couples take 20 lessons. It depends upon you and your goals. Do you want to learn a few basic steps and feel comfortable dancing them together? Or, do you want to do the dancing performance of your lifetime, to wow your guests and family at your wedding? Your learning process will also depend upon how much time you have to practice, and your diligence.  If you practice and rehearse the steps at home, you will learn your dance in less time.

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