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Eugenia Spotar competition

Dancing with Eugenia Spotar

Feel free to contact me with any question you may have about this delightful art.

Eugenia Spotar Smiling

We offer multiple programs for all ages and levels at several locations.  I highly recommend you schedule an evaluation class and once I gauge your skill level you may begin taking lessons individually or in a group. 

I look forward to introducing you to your right foot or your fun side to the ballroom dancing world.

A passion for dancing

It is my goal to share with everyone the art and benefits of dancing, especially ballroom dancing.  I can tell you about the numerous scientific findings declaring ballroom dancing one of very few activities that promote better health, balance, posture, brain function and more.  In fact, I would highly recommend that you invest sometime in researching how much ballroom dancing has for your health. 


I have been dancing for almost all my life and I can unequivocally testify to the lifelong benefits it brings to my life.  Yet, the most powerful quality of ballroom dancing is that it is fun. Ballroom dancing is a gift that keeps on giving and once you get started you may find it hard to stop! 


I meet people everyday that tell me "I've always enjoyed dancing but I have two left feet" or "I don't have a partner" and a few other justifications for not dancing.  Let me share with you that whatever you feel is your challenge (except the lack of true desire) it can be solved.  I have introduced many people's  left foot to the right foot and they simply loved it. 

"Dance for fun and for a vibrant life!"


- 30 years dancing
- 18 years teaching
- Expert in all international ballroom styles
- Expert in all American ballroom styles
- Professional level dance competitor
- Extensive knowledge in choreography and music styles
- Experience in theatrical art, acting and dancing
- Talented teacher for both children and adults
- Unique style of teaching that both encourages and boosts student's talent
- Polyglot with a degree in linguistic faculties from Russia
- Co-founder of and other organizations
- Fervent believer in networking and community involvement

Rodrigue and Eugenia Competition
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