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Ballroom Dance Lessons For Children

Swing dance performance at showcase
Purpose of this program:

Introduction to wide variety of dances and rhythms;

-  Encourage good poise, use of arms and basic footwork;

-  General assessment at the end of each term       (show dance performance or competition)

Dancing is for everyone!!

The desired results:

Basic understanding of stands and holds;

-  Can dance own steps with confidence;

-  Basic ability to do routine

NOTE: while technique is encouraged it is not at this stage expected.

Pose, Smile, Picture!

Benefits your children will gain:

1. Develop discipline and have goals

2. Improve posture, balance and coordination.

3. Gain confidence and develop social skills.

Eugenia's Tropical Divas


Competitive Development - many children are now choosing to participate in Ballroom Dance Competitions which offers opportunities to develop advanced skills and earn recognition by competing with other young athletic dancers.  Ballroom Dancing is now an alternative sport to gymnastics or cheer leading.

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