Fall  2020

Friday Events in Miami

Ballroom Group Class for Beginners

Location: DanceSway Ballroom

                  7140 Bird rd, Miami 33155

Cost:  $20 single dancers

           $30 couples

Time: 7:00PM

Ballroom Group Class (Intermediate)

Location:  DanceSway Ballroom

                  7140 Bird rd, Miami 33155

Cost:  $20 single dancers

           $30 couples

Time: 8:00-9:00PM (coming soon!)
We are teaching two dance styles each month. (one smooth style and one Latin).   This is a good opportunity to learn and practice with fun group who loves to dance.

(Both classes same day - $25)

PotLuck Dance Party (Social Dancing)

Location:  DanceSway Ballroom

                  7140 Bird rd, Miami 33155

Cost:  $15 (class, or party only)

           $25 (both)

Time: 7:00PM group class

           8:00PM social dancing and dinner

SAVE the dates:   COMING SOON!

Potluck and Social Dancing - AWESOME!!

Let's throw in birthday celebrations as well, if you know a friend who just had or about to have a birthday, bring them with you and surprise them with a birthday dance at the studio.

For potluck bring a dish of your favorite dessert or appetizer enough to share with few people. 

Styling Dance Class for Women

Location: coming soon!

Cost:  $20

Time:  to be announced

RSVP: call (305) 989-1140

Saturday and Sunday

Private lessons by appointment only!!!

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