Why spend your life on the couch?

Come dance with Us

Meet new people

Get your exercise

Have fun!

Ballroom Dance Lessons For Everyone!

Welcome to The Premier Ballroom Dance Lessons Company.  We provide group and private ballroom dance lessons for groups and individuals who wish to learn the art of dancing with a partner.  Ballroom dancing in Miami is gradually growing as more and more folks take steps into the dance floor.

Our goal is to help people of all ages to have the opportunity to enjoy dancing.  Whether you are interested in ballroom dancing as a hobby or wish to pursue it toward performance dancing or for competition, we have the programs for you.  From basic ballroom dance lessons including individual attention, available at multiple locations, to performance at events, it is all possible with us.

How to get started:

Come join us at one of our locations and enjoy music while you learn the dynamics of ballroom dancing.  Regular dance lesson schedules at each dance studio occur throughout the week and it is possible to schedule private dance lesson at a time of your convenience.

Dancing is happening right now!

Myballroomlessons.com offers several tools to get you connected to the young world of ballroom dancing:  For inspiration, check out out some of our dance videos.  Also, register to receive weekly updates on ballroom dance events happening all around town, including; group classes, salsa parties, social ballroom, styling class, ballroom fitness and much more.  Our passion is dancing because it is fun and extremely good for you!

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