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Aleksey and Eugenia Spotar_edited_edited

Meet Our Dance Team

Talented brother and sister that have been dancing, training, competing, and performing all over Russia, Turkey, and the USA. Both have been dancing their entire lives and now they are happy to share their love for dancing with You!

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Miami Area


Fort Lauderdale


Ballroom Dance Lessons For Everyone!

Welcome to - - Ballroom Dancing Miami - The Premier Ballroom Dance Lessons Company.  We provide private ballroom dance lessons for groups and individuals who wish to learn the art of dancing with a partner.  Ballroom dancing in Miami is gradually growing as more and more folks take steps into the dance floor.

Our goal is to help people of all ages to have the opportunity to enjoy dancing.  Whether you are interested in ballroom dancing as a hobby or wish to pursue it toward performance dancing or for competition, we have the programs for you. 

How to get started: offers several tools to get you connected to the world of ballroom dancing. For inspiration, check out some of our dance videos on YouTube, and you may follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay current with the updates. Also, we are only a phone call away if you have an important event coming up in the near future, including wedding, anniversary, and birthdays (Quinceañera or sweet 16th). Our passion is dancing because it is fun and extremely good for you!

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