Ladies Performance Team

Shine in the


This is a special dance class for ladies! Here you are welcome to let your wild side take over, let your hair down, and move your hips like you never have before. We are here to guide you from your first lesson through to your next performance.

Everyone is welcome!

Let your INNER Diva


Put more style and motion in your life!

Learn new styling techniques for your arms, hands, hips, and for your entire body. Unleash the motion in your hips. Become the sexiest and smoothest dancer on the dance floor. Be YOU!

Experience dancing on the level you never did


Love to dress up?

With Eugenia's Girls Team you will get many opportunities to dress up.

We love themes parties: roaring 20's

wild 50's


Pirate's  Theme



Hover over the image to see them all

Schedule and more

Address:   COMING SOON!


Cost:       $20

Styles learned: Ballroom, Latin, Club Dancing, Salsa, Bachata, Flamenco, Swing, Jazz, Cabaret, Country, and more.

To reserve your spot, and to put more styling in your dancing, please RSVP 305.989.1140

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