Do you not know how to dance yet? Or, would you like a “tune-up?” We are here to help. Our group classes for beginners are open to everyone. 

This year we will be offering beginners classes at 7140 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155. Each class is 50 minutes long and dedicated to a specific Ballroom or Latin dance style. In one class you will learn 5 Basic steps of a dance style (taught that day), you will learn the styling for that dance (particularly, how to use your hands and hold your posture during dancing), you will learn how to lead (for men) and follow (for ladies), and of course, you will learn to count the music.

Learning the basics in dancing is like putting a solid foundation when one builds a house: If you want it to be strong and last longer, FOUNDATION is the key! This Summer we are offering our expertise to help you put the strong foundation for your dancing!


It is Time!

Learn to Dance Ballroom

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